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RSPixel is a simple, yet powerful tool for people who need to perform image editing tasks but don't have a copy of Photoshop or don't want to learn a new complex design tool.
BEAUTIFUL BACKGROUND IMAGES Create beautiful background images for your website or presentations in just seconds.

Blur, monochrome, duotone or overlay your images to convert noisy images in to beautiful background images.
WEBPAGE CAPTURE Open any URL and RSPixel will take a snapshot of the website, simulating devices such as iPhone®, iPad®, Desktop.

The quickest way to capture a snapshot of your website.
DEVICE FRAMES Easily add device frames such as iPhoneX®, iPad®, Desktop around your images to show content within a physical device.
FOCUS ON WHAT'S IMPORTANT Apply filters to only part of an image.

You can use this to make just one part of an image stand out from the rest in a presentation.
COMBINE FILTERS You can connect multiple filter together to create interesting effects.
WORKS WITH VIDEO RSPixel works with videos as well, not just images. Simply drag a video into the app and apply filters, just as you do for images.
OPTIMIZE, RESIZE, CROP IMAGES Resize and crop your images with a few simple clicks. You can also choose various image formats or compression levels to help optimize images for the web.
HIGH PERFORMANCE RSPixel is a native macOS app, written using Apple's Core Graphics, Core Image and Metal frameworks that use the GPU to enable real-time image manipulation and editing